5 Best Ways to Get Free Spotify Premium Account


Ask yourself, what is life without music? We listen to music almost every day. That is the exact reason for the popularity of the music streaming app – Spotify. We love music and apps that let us listen to music. Whether you’re biting time on a flight or feeling hyped up, Spotify is the go-to application where you can stream millions of tracks and get personalized recommendations based on your music taste.You can browse by artists, categories, top hits, recording labels, and much more and stream music uninterruptedly for as long as you like. Who wouldn’t want access to the famous worldwide music streaming app? In this article, you will get to know about different ways to get a free Spotify Premium Account so you can enjoy listening to music anywhere you go.

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What is a Spotify Premium Account?

Spotify offers two types of subscriptions to its users – freemium and premium. As you may have guessed, freemium does not require you to pay any charges to use the streaming service. With freemium, you get unlimited streaming time. So what’s the difference between a freemium account and a premium account?

Free Spotify Premium Account

A premium account offers ad-free streaming and higher quality audio while you’ll be stuck with ads playing in between your lower quality audio music without it. Sounds frustrating, right? You also won’t be able to download any music offline with a freemium account. However, to your rescue, this article contains all the information you need on how to get yourself a free Spotify Premium account and enjoy all its perks.

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How to Get a Free Spotify Premium Account?

If you’re happy and feel like dancing or sad because of an argument with a close friend, music always makes you forget everything that’s bothering you and takes you to a whole different world. So here’s a list of ways you can get a free Spotify account and unplug from the outside world.

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Method 1: 30 days of Free Trial

A premium subscription usually has a trial period where customers can see what the product is offering before investing their money. Same is the case with Spotify. Users can avail a free Spotify premium account for a trial period of 30 days.

During these thirty days, you can browse from millions of tracks and enjoy unlimited music streaming from the world’s most popular digital audio streaming platform. The sign up requires you to enter your credit card details even to access the free trial. So you must take note of canceling the subscription manually when your trial period is over. Otherwise, you risk getting charged for the next month’s subscription fee.

Method 2: Using Other People’s Spotify Accounts

After the hype of Spotify Premium, people who had bought the subscriptions started sharing their login credentials online to let other people enjoy free music on Spotify.


Strange, right? But you will find many such username and password combinations on the internet that will work and give you access to a free Spotify premium account. Some of those login credentials are mentioned below:

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Email Password

[email protected] Speedboy4
[email protected] selena87
[email protected] chiron-3
[email protected] bbbkk1982
[email protected] 7171jason
[email protected] locker66

Method 3: Third Party Spotify Premium Apps

Another way to get a free Spotify premium account is to download third-party applications that are already coded to work in the premium mode without any subscriptions. You will need to download a third party apk from the browser and allow its installation by allowing downloads from unknown sources.

After it gets installed successfully, you can just log in and enjoy the benefits of a free Spotify premium account. It’s also a wonderful idea to use a VPN while downloading from such unknown sources, so the actual IP address of your device remains safe.

Method 4: Create Multiple Accounts

The most straightforward trick to get a free Spotify premium account for longer than a month. You can sign up once again using a different email id. You will get a reward for another month of a free Spotify premium account.

People usually tend to have multiple email ids these days, and this is one more use for them. You can easily find online software to manage your passwords and unique ids for all your accounts. Just make sure you cancel your subscriptions if you don’t want to get charged for a subscription renewal.

Method 5: Buy Your Plan on Accountbot

Accountbot is a website that offers deals on buying online subscriptions for accounts of Spotify, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. So all you gotta do is sign up on Accountbot, and you will see discounted deals on buying monthly or yearly subscriptions to various accounts.

Once you verify your email account for Accountbot. You will be able to purchase Spotify for a monthly price of $1.99 instead of $9.99. And you will also receive more discounts if you choose to pay via cryptocurrency. This is a lesser known method to buy subscriptions, but you will surely get a Spotify premium subscription for a cheaper price this way.

Features of a Spotify Premium Account

The given list mentions all the features offered to Spotify premium users, and once you read it, you will immediately want to get a free Spotify premium account:

  • No more enduring ads – Spotify premium accounts don’t show ads in between playing songs.
  • Better audio quality – While you can only stream 160 Kbps in the freemium version, the premium version allows you to extend that up to 360 Kbps and ensures better streaming quality.
  • Download music offline – This is one thing you cannot do with the freemium account – download music to listen when you’re offline. But the premium account offers this feature to make the subscription more attractive.
  • Instant updates on release – The premium users can get instant access of new records and tracks.
  • Spotify Connect – Since Spotify is available across many platforms, the premium version of Spotify allows you to manage one platform from another. For instance, you can be listening to music on your laptop, but you can alter the volume and play a new song by using your phone.
  • Personalized recommendations – Spotify uses advanced machine learning algorithms to recognize your taste in music. Take into account your moods based on your history and recommend music accordingly.


Listening to music is always an exciting experience and helps in relaxing your mind. You enjoy it more when you have a high-quality audio streaming app. That you can carry around with yourself wherever you go. I’m sure you would love to get a free Spotify premium account. So, try one of the tricks mentioned above to get it and then enjoy personalized recommendations that will introduce you to new music that you’ll fall in love with. What could be more desirable than that?


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