Download Roblox Studio Apk [100% Working]

Download Roblox Studio which will help you to build the areas of your fantasies within Roblox. It provides Developers having a more extensive and complex set of tools, allowing for a greater sense of control and productive expression. It is also available for PC.

If you are Seeking a game developing tool for Roblox, then Roblox Studio can prove to be a device you will probably find very helpful. You are going to see that this platform can allow you to create the game.

Roblox studio provides the programmers with a Great Deal of excellent and User-friendly resources, and it usually means that the Creative and feel of control look will be greater. It will provide users with the chance to find some friendly features.

Lots of developers are using this tool usually to get the most out Of their productions. The devices will probably be completely different, and you can observe that will vary from the simple use of objects to entering some Complex scripts and additionally game purposes, which can be accomplished by utilizing this tool. [toc]

It will let you test the games that have been built in a remote environment before releasing them to the Roblox website so that other users will be able to use what you have created. Roblox is a stage to use your creativity and have happiness with your friends, and It is called the highest user-generated online gaming stage.

Download Roblox Studio

Download Roblox Studio


Roblox Studio apk Info

Apk Name Roblox studio Apk
Version 4.0.0
Package com.mobincube.roblox_studio.sc_HBFPZA
Size 4.90 MB
Requirements Ice cream sandwich 4.0.3-4.0.4 API level 15, NDK 8
Downloads 80000+
Supported DPIs SMALL
MD5 Signature 94a7a98884a6b1333869e69df8c7e567

Roblox Studio Features:

  • Develop Once, Play wherever you want
    Roblox supports to maintain a particular codebase that works seamlessly across every platform. You can immediately ship your projects on PCs, desktops, phones, and VR with a single click.
  • Have a Large, Highly Involved worldwide Community
    One of the top resources in the United States for kids under the age of 18 (comScore), players are giving and enjoy more than 600 million hours of engagement on Roblox each month.
  • Build Anything
    The tool provides you with the platform to create anything and publish it with one click to PCs, consoles, tablets, and VR devices.
  • Real-Time Social Ecosystem
    Roblox is a uniquely integrated social ecosystem, not just a game engine, and it’s easier than ever for developers to leverage interface effects and gain viral mass.
  • Fully Managed Cloud Support
    Roblox’s exclusive cloud software and fully managed support for multiplayer gameplay remove complexity from game updates, balancing, matchmaking, and monetisation.
  • Create Deeply Immersive 3D Experiences
    Roblox’s best development toolset can be used to build, plan, and use especially rich and full 3D worlds that can be represented both well across desktop, mobile, console, and VR.
  • Lighting and Effects
    Roblox for PC is a complete design tool to quickly create photorealistic lighting and particle effects, as all the APIs are needed to engineer your custom effects and features.
  • Custom User Interfaces
    Roblox supports the evolution of immersive 3D environments and stunning 2D interfaces, making it simple for developers to transition among the two seamlessly during gameplay.
  • Build Marvellous Stories
    With the skills to create detailed 3D environments and soundscapes, Roblox is a strong storytelling environment that can bring figures and environments to life.


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Download Roblox Studio Apk [100% Working] 1

Download Roblox Studio for Android


  • Android: Devices may change. These devices must run on ARMv7 processor and should not be running the Tegra 2 chipset.
  • Operating system version may modify. Android 4.4 or higher is required.
  • Internet requirements



How to install Roblox Studio on Android

  1. Download Roblox studio first.
  2. Open the app and agree with terms and conditions.
  3. enable the unknown sources in settings and install the app
  4. After installation app will now open
  5. login into account or if you don’t have to create a new one.
  6. Now let’s start creating new apps and more.


Roblox Studio for PC

PC Requirements to Run Roblox Studio

  • Apk Name: Roblox studio Apk
  • CPU speed: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB for Windows XP / 1 GB for Windows 7 & above
  • Operating system: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 or ATI Radeon 9500 or Intel GMA 3100


Installation instructions of Roblox Studio on PC:

  • First of all, download Roblox Studio apk from the given link above.
  • Open the studio through that icon, and you can now log in the Roblox studio using your existing login credentials, or you can simply create the new sign up for it.
  • Login and start creating your own dreams

Roblox Studio for Amazon Fire OS


  • Amazon Fire OS: Kindle HDX 8.9 (3rd Gen), Fire HD 6 & 7 (4th Gen), Kindle Fire HDX 7 (3rd Gen), Fire HD 8 & 10 (5th Gen), Fire HDX 8.9 (4th Generation ) and Fire (5th Generation) except Amazon Fire HD.
  • Internet requirements